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Healthy Energy Drinks and Mental Fitness™

Each new day presents challenges that, if not met and overcome, may leave you less fit mentally to control your life . . . to achieve your financial goals . . . to set the stage for pursuing your personal happiness.

Now there's a way to insure against the consequences of falling short of your goals and to offer you more control over your life.

By starting each day with a cool, refreshing glass of delicious BLAST™ (or BLAST II™ Sugar-Free, FastBLAST™, TurboBLAST II™, WOW™, or Memory Rules™), you can embrace a Mental Fitness™ program that can blow away your neural cobwebs and blast away the financial storm clouds that may hold you back.

Life Enhancement has an entire line of healthy drink mixes, many of which are healthy energy drink mixes. These include the BLAST family mentioned above, all of which employ the amino acid phenylalanine, a precursor to an important memory molecule, noradrenaline, and your brain's version of adrenaline. They also include the necessary enzyme cofactors vitamin B6, vitamin C, copper, and folic acid, along with natural flavors.

Also in the healthy energy drink mix product line are Memory Upgrade™, Memory Upgrade II™, and Memory Upgrade III™ Sugar-Free. These formulations are based on the nutrient choline, which is the precursor to an important memory molecule involved in concentration and focus.* As we age, choline becomes less bioavailable, with serious consequences for memory function. The Memory Upgrade family are great-tasting, natural, fruit-flavored citrus cooler containing choline and essential nutrient cofactors plus the important amino acid taurine. The Memory Upgrades make it easy to ensure adequate levels of choline.

Some of the choline in your diet is used by your brain and motor nerves to make the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is critical for proper memory function and muscle tone.* Taurine is a brain food that provides your brain with a vital nutrient needed for proper function.* Use Memory Upgrade III to help preserve and protect your memory function.*

A BLAST™ family product can be taken together with a Memory Upgrade line product for greater energy.

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