SynoGlide III™

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Ultimate Joint & Cartilage Support*

SynoGlide III is a chondroitin 4,6 sulfates, acetyl glucosamine, curcumin, and proteolytic enzyme formulation for supporting joint structure integrity and healthy synovial function.* Synovial fluid is the substance that helps lubricate joints.* SynoGlide III can help you to . . .

  • Maintain proper joint structure and function*
  • Enhance blood supply to joint areas*
  • Support your body’s ability to build articular cartilage*
  • Help your body respond to the structural impact of stress which can lead to swelling*
  • Stimulate proteoglycan synthesis*
  • Inhibit the process of glycosylation, a blood-protein
    structural deterioration associated with aging*
  • Gain antioxidant protection in synovial spaces*
  • Help maintain blood vessel integrity*
  • Inhibit prostaglandin synthesis, associated with GI stress*

Suggested Use: For adults only. Take 2 capsules, 4 times per day with meals and at bedtime. Do not exceed 8 capsules per day.

Caution: Not for use by children, or pregnant or lactating women. Not for use by anyone sensitive to any of the ingredients.

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