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Introducing ResQue, a Resveratrol Plus Quercetin Formulation

Your Solution to the French Paradox

Queue Up your memory, cardiovascular, metabolic functions and so much more

emember the “French Paradox”? It was the question raised at the end of the 20th century about why the high-fat diet of the French did not cause more dire consequences. Data collected as far back as 1997 indicate that phenolic compounds (such as resveratrol and quercetin) found in red wine exhibit properties that may account in part for the fact that moderate drinking of red wine over a long period of time can protect cardiovascular function. Resveratrol appears to be the solution.

However, there are a number of questions to answer when it comes to resveratrol, a highly desirable nutrient that has startled the world with its promises and actualities.

First Up: Are you getting the right dose, not too much and not too little? Second Up: Are you maintaining high serum levels of trans-resveratrol (the most active form)?

The solution may be ResQue, found to up your memory function in a recent scientific study with an intake of resveratrol at 200 mg/day plus quercetin at 320 mg for increased bioavailability and blood level sustainability (by inhibiting the sulphation of resveratrol).

So ring in the New Year with ResQue, and every year thereafter.

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