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Announcing MelaDose,™ a liquid melatonin formulation …

Find the Dose that Helps You Sleep

Get to Sleep … Stay Asleep

erhaps the biggest task in supplementing with melatonin—amply apparent among the more than 19,000 studies in the scientific literature—is finding the right personal dose for yourself.

With MelaDose, solving that problem has become a lot easier. That’s because as a liquid formulation, it allows you to vary the amount from as little to as much as you like! So you can find the dose that works best for you!

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Now, for those who are concerned about the quantity and quality of their sleep, as well as other aspects of their mental state, Life Enhancement Products offers MelaDose, a formulation whose benefits may extend beyond those of a good night’s sleep.*

Melatonin is the natural hormone that governs the body’s sleep/wake cycle allowing you to …

• Promote better sleep*

• Avoid jet lag*

• Maintain memory function*

• Increase antioxidant protection*

• Support bone health*

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  • Contents: 1 fl oz

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