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Introducing CardioBeat™ from Dr. Ward Dean, for support of normal heart function.

Be Still My Beating Heart

T his mineral formula provides fully-reacted magnesium and potassium aspartate at doses backed by scientific human research. Common “magnesium aspartate” and “potassium aspartate” supplements are frequently blends of these forms with oxides, chlorides, and other inorganic salts. But not so with CardioBeat!

Scientific studies show that true, fully-reacted magnesium and potassium aspartates at the CardioBeat doses provide support for maintaining important biological functions as well as normal structures in the human body.

Studies show that potassium aspartate plus magnesium aspartate can help support the electrical stability of the heart. Also, these aspartates help support:

♥ Normal cardiac function
♥ Normal heart rhythm function
♥ Normal heart muscle function
♥ Normal blood circulation.

Magnesium supports

♥ Proper muscle contraction function
♥ Proper relaxation function

Potassium helps

♥ Maintain a normal healthy heartbeat.

So be good to your heart with CardioBeat.

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