AGEless by Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw™ 240 caps

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Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw’s AGEless, their New Anti-AGE Formulation

How Can We Fight AGE?

Now it is possible to slow down and minimize the effects of advanced glycation endproducts (AGE) formation in our bodies. This is great! Because without the excessive formation and accumulation of AGEs—the unavoidable byproducts of eating digestible carbohydrates, cooking food, and maintaining tightly regulated circulating levels of glucose in our bloodstream as a necessary fuel—we would be a lot healthier.

Although you can significantly reduce AGEs created in food preparation by reducing temperature and by using boiling, poaching, or stewing rather than frying and grilling, it is not possible to avoid all AGEs in food. Moreover, although you can help keep blood sugar levels down by dietary choices (such as eating a low-glycemic-index diet), glycation still occurs relentlessly throughout life.

Fortunately, scientists have studied AGEs intensively in recent years—and leave it to Durk & Sandy to bring the benefit of their research to your nutritional door. To pave the way, they developed a dietary supplement for their own use that, in studies of the individual components, has been shown to be very effective in reducing glycation reactions, defusing these deleterious molecules that interfere with proper structure and function before they do serious harm that can only shorten our horizons of a truly healthy future.

Reducing AGEs may support the proper function of your:

  • Kidneys
  • Lungs
  • Eyes
  • Skin
  • Liver
  • Arteries

There can be no doubt: AGEs are directly associated with age. The longer you live, the more of them you will form and accumulate, unless you’re using Durk & Sandy’s AGEless.

Eight capsules of Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw’s AGEless will provide:
1000 mg Benfotiamine, a lipid-soluble form of thiamine (vitamin B1)
1000 mg Carnosine
1000 mg Histidine
1000 mg Alpha-lipoic acid
500 mg Rutin
1052 mg Thiamine (vitamin B1)
52 mg Pyridoxine (vitamin B6)

Suggested Use: Take 1–2 capsules with meals, and 1–2 optionally at bedtime, for a total of 4–8 capsules daily.

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  • Contents: 240 caps

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