Sex is an important aspect of health and happiness: not only does it reflect underlying robustness as an effect of good health, but it probably acts, to some degree, as a cause of good health in the first place. We at Life Enhancement pride ourselves on being among the first in the nutritional supplement market to offer prosexual supplements for men and women whose efficacy is based on actual scientific evidence. These products offer a broad array of nutrients and phytonutrients, which offer dietary supplements for better sexual health.

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Picture of PropeL™

$78.53 $54.97

Picture of InnerPower™  w/ Sweet Stevia
InnerPower™ w/ Sweet Stevia

$70.66 $49.46

Picture of InnerPower™ w/ Xylitol
InnerPower™ w/ Xylitol

$70.66 $49.46

Picture of MALE™

$78.54 $54.98

Picture of InnerPower Plus™
InnerPower Plus™

$94.24 $65.97

Picture of Tribulus Desire™
Tribulus Desire™

$16.25 $11.37

Picture of Ginkgo Concentrate™
Ginkgo Concentrate™

$12.18 $8.52

Picture of Loving You™
Loving You™

$14.24 $9.97

Picture of ProsStay™

$54.97 $38.48

Picture of Lycopene Harvest™ by Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw
Lycopene Harvest™ by Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw

$31.38 $21.97

Picture of MacaLift™

$31.38 $21.97

Picture of ProSexual Plus™
ProSexual Plus™

$48.66 $34.06

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Male Performance Enhancement

Many men feel inadequate when it comes to their performance with their partner. This is a very common concern, and can stem from a number of different causes. Whether your hormone production is off-balance, or you're just feeling a bit run down, it can affect your performance in the bedroom. Luckily for you, Life Enhancement's scientists have developed a line of products that can help sexual enhancement for men no matter what the biological cause may be.

Stress Reduction and Energy Enhancement

Let's face it … most men face a lot of stress each day. This can cause both your energy levels and your libido to fall. Our scientists have developed a number of supplements that can help you deal with this stress, increase your energy, and restore your libido. MALE™ is our dietary supplement designed to help increase your overall sexual health. The combination of nutrients contained in this supplement has been established to help support your cardiovascular function and blood flow, which both strengthens your erectile function and increases staying power.

Increased Desire and Performance

Over time, many men experience a decrease in their testosterone production, which can lead to a serious decrease in both desire and performance. Our Propel™ supplement is formulated with important nutrients such as acetyl-L-carnitine, which can help support your natural testosterone function without altering your hormone levels. Additionally, our Tribulus Desire™ supplement has been shown to help increase your libido, and prolong your erection thanks to the herbal extract Tribulus terrestris. This herb has been used across Europe for centuries as a means to enhance sexual prowess.

Prolonged Performance

Sometimes you may have plenty of desire, but need added staying power to ensure you can give your partner more of what she desires. Life Enhancement has several products that can help you increase your staying power and enhance your performance over time. RedGidity™ contains Korean Red Ginseng, which has been found to help increase determination and enhance male sexual function. ProsStay™ has been formulated by Dr. Jonathan Wright with naturally-derived vitamin C and vitamin K3 (menadione) in a specific ratio shown to support prostate health and also help increase your staying power.

If you're experiencing concerns with your male performance, don't rely on products that are ineffective and unscientific. Life Enhancement has paired with actual scientists and relies on their skill combined with years of research and experience in order to create products that are proven to work over time. Our products meet or exceed pharmaceutical standards, and you can count on them for real results.

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