Saving Our Teachers' Minds
Saving Our Teachers' Minds

or three days in May, Life Enhancement ventured to Las Vegas to attend FreedomFest, a conference that brought together a wide array of libertarians, a loosely knit group united by the belief that freedom is a necessity for a sane civilization. Representing Life Enhancement, Lux D’Coda and I (Will Block) were there with a very specific mission: to rescue the minds of the productive, influential, and brilliant individuals who constitute the movement for a rational and free society.

We were joined by life extension scientists Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw, who had agreed to appear at our booth for the purpose of telling conference attendees about the new braincare paradigm they had developed. Over our booth flew a banner announcing that it was now possible to “Maintain Your Brain the Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw Way.”

Lux, a long-time friend and collaborator—and also an extraordinarily talented singer—and I had once appeared along with Durk & Sandy in an article that had landed on the cover of Rolling Stone in the early 90s. The article described the impact of the appearance of mental fitness nutrient drinks in the club scene of San Francisco and elsewhere that was altering the way people came together to play, to celebrate, and to build culture. Written by Gary Wolfe (author of Wired—A Romance), the article went on to describe how Smart Drinks had been created by Durk & Sandy, how they were manufactured and marketed by Will, and how they were promoted by Lux (aka Earth Girl) as an alternative to Dumb Drinks, meaning alcoholic beverages. More than ten years later, the Smart Bar is still alive and a fixture of the counterculture around the globe.

Back to Las Vegas and FreedomFest. We handed out Life Enhancement magazines, signed people up for our mailing list, gave out free samples of ice-cold Smartz, and sold the Toolkit. I was glad to see and speak to many from whom I have learned so much, teachers I am forever indebted to. But then I was sad when it was apparent that some of these great minds had seen much better days, before creeping mental senescence had reared its head. Did we succeed in our goals? I think so, but only time will tell.

Harvard historian Bernard Bailyn, author of The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution, concludes that the percentage of the American colonial population that was actively engaged in weighing the evidence presented in the pamphlets and sermons that spread the word was just 5%. Would the American Revolution have taken place if the percentage had been 4.9? Today, it may be no different. Every mind helps. If freedom is to have a future, we must preserve what we know, and after ourselves, preserve the minds of our teachers. Nothing could be more paramount.

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