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It is no surprise that the risks of many troublesome health problems can be reduced with a good diet (and increased by a bad one). But did you know that while our diet has changed considerably from what our ancestors ate 50,000 years ago, not all of these changes have been for the good?

For example, our modern diets are likely to contain far less potassium, far more sodium, more acid forming nutrients, and less base-forming nutrients than those enjoyed by our ancestors when our species evolved. The consequences can be tragic.

Most Americans Do Not Get Enough Potassium

Fortunately, an inexpensive potassium bicarbonate dietary supplement can help you to eat more like a Caveman—without the Stone Age burdens of laborious hunting and gathering—and offer dramatic support for your wellbeing.

Modern human dietary requirements were encoded into our DNA during evolution starting with the Paleolithic diet, which contained about 35% meat and about 65% plant foods. Moreover, these foods of the early human diet had a different composition than foods do today, including a much higher level of potassium (from fruits and vegetables) and much less acid-forming content (because of the increased ratio of plant to animal foods).

The change to a low potassium, high acid-forming content diet has had a profound impact on many aspects of wellness and healthy aging. But adding potassium bicarbonate to your daily dietary program can help support healthy:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Muscle Mass
  • Bones
  • Endothelial Function
  • Dietary Acid Load

So get into the swing of things (no club intended) and make Potassium Basics a regular part of your supplement program today!

The FDA says, “Potassium is
beneficial in lowering blood pressure.”

Potassium Basics™
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n use for several thousand years in the Indian Ayurvedic tradition as a brain nerve tonic, the herb Bacopa monniera is now being recognized for its memory-enhancing and revitalizing effects.* Most interesting of the many uses of Bacopa is its ability to help increase novelty-seeking behavior, an attribute of intelligence associated with increased mental pleasure and increased lifespan.* Literally a brain food, Bacopa is thought to help nourish your neurons as it restores depleted synaptic activity.*

In India, Bacopa has been used traditionally to consecrate newborns in the hope of opening the gateway of intelligence. It's possible that it could do that for you too. Not only may Bacopa be able to help maintain proper memory function . . . it may help you to enjoy the use of your mind more, and perhaps even extend your horizons.*

Bacopa Vitality™
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