The Revolution Against Aging and Death (RAAD) Fest has proclaimed that …

Radical Life Extension is Landing Ahead of Time

T his August at the sea-refreshed city of San Diego, California nearly 1,000 radical life extension activists showed up for a festival celebrating the conquest of death and the triumph of life. There was general acceptance that 2015 marked the tipping point to stem cell and telomere therapy, gene engineering and more scientific movements along the pathway to the future.

One of the highlights of the four-day event was the launch of a new physical education series, Ageless PE, the purpose of which is to stay abreast of cutting edge age reversal technologies, as well as new products and strategies that can be implemented now to stay proactive in our own health and longevity every day. People Unlimited has discovered that combining inspiration with information is a potent recipe for aliveness. Stay tuned for more Ageless PE updates.

Bill Faloon of the Life Extension Foundation—a co-sponsor of RAAD Fest—is also on the Steering Committee Member of the Coalition for Radical Life Extension. His talk—“The New Paradigm–Human Age Reversal, a Medical Renaissance”—was based on the premise that biological aging is the root cause of multiple diseases. So focusing on age reversal instead of curing individual diseases makes sense, even makes good business sense, because higher life expectancy impacts productivity.

All major medical breakthroughs were seen as man playing god in their time; anesthesia, defibrillation, in vitro fertilization, organ transplants, and now human age reversal.

However, a snail’s pace of implementation from discovery; e.g. Penicillin discovery published in 1929, in 1942 enough penicillin to treat 10 people, in 1944 2.3 million doses, in 1946 widespread availability to civilians. It took World War II to create sense of urgency to move research forward. We need age reversal/prevention NOW.

Dr. Aubrey de Grey, of the SENS Research Foundation, is also on the Coalition Steering Committee Member, and heads up several teams of researchers working on different areas.

He emphasizes the importance of clear communication on the subject—longevity is a side-effect of health. Be thinks that everyone should be an activist by being informed and able to address each category, be specific, clear and understandable. Learn the best answers, e.g. to the challenge that curing aging will spend our natural resources, answer: renewable energy, not space emigration!

Dr. Greg Fahy, of Twenty-First Century Medicine, spoke of the progress of preventing immunosenescence. The thymus gland diminishes from youth. Young blood transfusion does not help the problem. Greg is “patient zero” in the Immunorestoration, and Insulin Mitigation Trial on a healthy male showing thymic regeneration with special HGH therapy. There are no bad side-effects and the trial may have many age reversal benefits. This is possible now, and they are currently looking for volunteers for clinical trials.

Dr. Bill Andrews, Sierra Sciences (telomere shortening related to 24+ aging diseases, telomerase) and Liz Parrish, BioViva, (gene editing). Both are Coalition Steering Committee Members.

Gene therapy & telomere lengthening. Co-venture, building a clinic in Fiji to offer gene boosting therapy applied like immunization for disease/aging prevention. Liz is “patient zero.”

Dr. Terry Grossman, co-wrote Fantastic Voyage with Ray Kurzweil. Early cancer detection using ENOX-2 testing, can detect cancer at microscopic size before it can be seen, crucial for cure. Compared detection/survival rates (ENOX-2 98% detection, 100% 5-year survival rate.) Testing available now.

Dr. Kristin Comella, U.S. Stem Cell Clinic

Stem cell therapy to combat inflammation, boost immunity and healthy life extension, already being used in her clinic. Currently treating chronic illness after catastrophic events with patients’ own stem cells from adipose tissue. Inflammation and aging closely connected, stem cells are multi-potent, trained agents already. Offers stem cell banking.

Dr. Brant Cortright.

Accelerating neurogenesis, can increase regeneration of new brain cells with lifestyle changes to reverse cognitive decline. Alzheimer’s is result of neurotoxic lifestyle, very preventable. Use Omega-3 DHA, eliminate sugar, caffeine, alcohol. Get lots of quality sleep, aerobic exercise, sex, and nature.

Artificial intelligence, the Singularity. Ray Kurzweil, Dr. Ben Goertzel, Dr. Jose Cordeiro.

Technological convergence with the human body, e.g. nanotechnology, chips, stem cells, computer simulations, personalized specific medicine/supplementation.

Information grows exponentially. Jose spoke about the difference between taking 30 linear steps (30 feet) and 30 exponential steps (26 times around the globe)! Exponential growth will require AI to handle all the data. Add exo-cortex to triune brain – i.e. super-intelligence.

Human connection and collaboration.

Jim Strole and BernaDeane, People Unlimited. Life beyond limits, death-free thinking and radical life extension require supportive and inspiring environment. Planning for the future. Social, educational and lifestyle changes.

These were but a few of the RAAD Fest speakers. Unique for a conference with significant scientific bearing were Jim Strole’s and BernaDeane’s People Unlimited attendees who applauded and cheered, virtually nonstop, danced and sang throughout the festival. Enthusiasm reigns for what has come and what will come faster than almost anyone has foreseen.

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