Galantamine and Melatonin Are Brain Synergistic

New evidence shows that the combination of melatonin and galantamine provides synergistic neuroprotective effects when used in an Alzheimer’s disease pathology model. This should not be entirely surprising since it is widely known that sleep has an important role in memory consolidation and that melatonin can ensure sounder sleep. Furthermore, melatonin’s levels have been found to be much reduced or even absent in Alzheimer’s disease (AD), resulting in higher levels of insomnia.

From this new study, it may be concluded that supplemental melatonin has positive and enhanced effects on cognitive functioning and sleep maintenance in AD patients, particularly in those with insomnia.

The combination of the two nutrients, even at sub-threshold concentrations, synergized and was proven to be a powerful force for reducing and even preventing the measures of deterioration in AD. The researchers concluded that melatonin could improve galantamine therapy for the treatment of AD.

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