Achieving Longevity Escape Velocity

I n late April, I gave a presentation called Achieving Longevity Escape Velocity at the Platinum Hotel in Las Vegas. If you recall (or attended!), that was the same milieu of Life Enhancement’s Symposium in March of 2013. However, the audience was different, and did not gather simply for the reason of health knowledge.

Figure 1. The goal of anti-aging physicians and scientists is to not only “square the aging curve” but to extend it. See http://warddeanmd.com
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Accordingly, the April presentation wasn’t designed for the knowledgeable attendees of the Symposium but instead for an audience that is—to a significant degree—new to life enhancement and life extension. Call the presentation “101 longevity.”

I began with the concept of squaring the aging curve (see Fig. 1), This is how many of us once saw the future. However, the more advanced map of the future has been changed by the notion of something substantially better. Longevity escape velocity (sometimes referred to as “actuarial escape velocity”) is a term used in life enhancement and life extension (see Fig. 2). It is a point in time for an individual when life expectancy is being extended longer than the time that is passing. In a given year in which longevity escape velocity is main­tained, supplement usage and technological advances increase life expectancy more than the year that just went by.

Figure 2. The vertical axis represent the increase in life for each year lived plotted against new and advancing healthcare technologies that lower the risk of dying. Many of you are near the yellow dot on the curve and soon to climb higher.
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Life extension authors and scientists Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw have long argued that there will come a critical point when the rate of advancement will exceed the rate of decline, and we will be able to add more than a year of life for every year lived. Life extension thinkers Ray Kurzweil and Aubrey de Grey agree and refer to this as the “longevity escape velocity.” Thus the idea is not new. But it is an idea whose time has come.

For the entire presentation, we are offering a copy (as a PDF file or printout) with your next order. May the force for the escape be with you!

Live long and prosper,

Will Block

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