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T here is widespread recognition that the end of the road for paper maps is drawing near. This is especially apparent for those of us who have experienced the ease with which a global positioning system (GPS) can get us to our destinations, and much more. According to Wikipedia, GPS devices offer capabilities such as:

  • Maps displayed in human readable format or in a graphical format

  • Turn-by-turn navigation directions via text or speech

  • Traffic congestion maps and suggested alternative directions

  • Information on nearby amenities such as restaurants and gas stations

  • Detours around traffic congestion and alternative routes

  • The location of food, banks, hotels, airports, etc.

  • And more

Reflecting this revolution, road map companies are ending routine production. It is estimated that 17% (1 out of 6) of automobiles now have built-in GPS and that 61% of the adult population use smart phones containing the near universal presence of GPS chips. And 75% of those use their smart phones for directions and location-based services. One in five Americans used the Google Maps app in June of this year; one in eight used Apple Maps.*

*Frommer D. What’s in Your Smartphone? These are the 25 most popular mobile apps in America. Quartz. August 22, 2014. http://qz.com/253527/these-are-the-25-most-popular-mobile-apps-in-america/ Accessed September 10, 2014.

Electronic Publishing’s Advantages

After thinking seriously about the ease and advantages of electronic publishing, with many of the same advantages of GPS (readable formatting, page turning, hyperlinking and more (see below), we are sold.

Page-turning technology offers the experience of what we have known, along with ways to access information more quickly than before, along with added information not readily available from paper.
Moving Away from the Printed Page

Not so may years ago, a friend of mine who is a successful financial publisher had only one publication, which he had printed and mailed for many years. When a trusted colleague of his argued that the time had come to convert to an e-publication, he resisted. He resisted because he believed that the high age-range of his audience did not feel comfortable with computers and this would cause a significant drop off in subscriptions.

But when he finally gave in, he began to realize how wrong he was. Moreover, not only has his subscriber base grown, he has increased the number of his e-publications from 1 to 8!

Accordingly, Life Enhancement is moving away from the printed word and will endeavor to make the transition easy and advantageous for you, our valued readers and clients. Some of the advantages will include:

  • A longer publication chocked with more analysis and reviews

  • Abbreviated summaries for all articles

  • Support for mobile phones & tablets

  • Advanced searchable content

  • Search result highlight & zoom

  • Unlimited external & internal links

  • The ability to add bookmarks & notes

  • The inclusion of rich media such as video & audio

  • Online translator

  • Access to articles though a dynamic table of contents (TOC) menu

  • Glossary tables (so you don’t get stuck on a word you don’t understand)

Altogether, this will create a richer and more informative experience, and make it possible to stay on top of what you already know and what is to come.

Live long and prosper,

Will Block

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