The Door into Summer

A s the final days of summer are drawing to an end, I’m reminded of Robert A. Heinlein’s science fiction novel, The Door into Summer, a favorite of mine that has all the key elements of a good read: a dash of fantasy along with a large dollop each of romance and science. The story involves an inventor, a cat, robots, and time travel. And gladly, it has a happy ending, which for the protagonist is a new happy beginning.

And that’s the spirit that should propel us forward, and keep us constantly in the season of Summer where, rather than wallowing in aging metaphors, we take full advantage of the growing wealth of new scientific nutritional discoveries. Many of these are ably and amply described and referenced in the pages of this publication and with increasing speed for good measure. With what will surely be known as the great explosion (of ideas and applications) we endeavor to take greater advantage of the findings and as early adapters continue to grow healthier and healthier.

Take for example the principal article in this issue about a natural taurine-bromine compound that shows how it is possible make major inroads to significantly control inflammation and microbial activity. As examples of what else it can do, let us say alleviate osteoarthritis, protect against kidney malfunction, liver damage, liver fibrosis and fatty liver. Not to mention lessening cardiovascular disease, cardiac arrhythmias, ischemic stroke, periodontitis, tinnitus, pain, and more.

Remember as we approach Fall that what have been for many the ultimate preclusions of life needn’t be our endings. They can be our glad good news and new beginnings, and open the door of Summer ever more widely.

Live long and prosper,

Will Block

PS: Don’t forget Greater Rewards! It is possible to be happier, and that too will prolong our summers.

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