The Economy and Supplement Users

T he results for the first quarter of the GDP have just come in, and it’s not a pretty picture. “U.S. Economy Shrinks by Most in Five Years,” reads a headline in the Wall Street Journal. “In the Dumps” begins the first subhead of the article, explaining that the broadest measure of goods and services produced throughout the economy fell by a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 2.9% in the first quarter. According to the Commerce Department, which supplied the information, this was the third reading of the data (each one lower than the other).

Exactly what this means is that most people’s standard of living has continued to decline as the cost of consumer goods and services has increased.

Here at Life Enhancement, we are painfully aware of this dilemma as we endeavor to make it easier for our valued clients to continue taking high quality products without paying high prices (see our new “High Benefit—Reduced Costs” category).

Along with hard times come all the stresses that are not conducive to supporting your health. That’s why we are focusing a great deal of our attention and energies on enabling you to continue to enjoy and keep the benefits that will enable you to maintain good health. Please take advantage of these special prices.

Live long and prosper,

Will Block

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