How I Change My Life for the Better

T hrough a succession of choices, as I sit here right now, I’m healthy and happy. That’s because—in the vernacular of Silicon Valley—I eat my own dog food. According to Wikipedia, “Eating your own dog food, also called dogfooding, is a slang term used to reference a scenario in which a company (usually, a computer software company) uses its own product to demonstrate the quality and capabilities of the product.” Dogfooding is but one way for a company to establish confidence in what it does.

At the age of 69, I haven’t a single significant health problem, despite my parents’ and blood relatives’ abundance of illnesses, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, orthopedic problems, and cancer. Am I just lucky? Or do supplements really work? I’m convinced that they do, and so should you.

Here’s what I take of what Life Enhancement offers:

Antioxidants & Health Maintenance: Personal Radical Shield, Double C, ALC,* CoEnzyme Q10, AGEless, BHT Plus, FoldRight,§ Party Pill, Stay Healthy Sodium Selenite, SunPower Vitamin D,# Turmeric Root Power, V-Shield,** Self-Defensin††

Blood Sugar Maintenance & Glycemic Control: InsuLife B,** AGEless, Lycopene Harvest,‡‡ MealMate,§§ ShapeShifter Teas##

Bone & Joint Support: DHEA Original,*** 3-Way Calcium Complex, Potassium Basics,††† SunPower Vitamin D,# SynoGlide III

Cardiovascular Support: CoEnzyme Q10,† NanoResveratrol, FoldRight,§ Hydrogen Power, InnerPower Plus,‡‡‡ Lithium Plus###

Cognitive Support: BLAST II,**** Memory Upgrade III, Greater Rewards,‡‡‡‡ Lithium Plus,### Omega-3 Heart & Mind,†††† GalantaMind Plus, ALC,* FoldRight*

Energy & Athletics: BLAST II,**** InnerPower Plus,‡‡‡ Potassium Basics,††† Pumping Iron§§§

Fat Loss, Weight Control, & Appetite Satisfaction: Serene Tranquility 5-HTP Day,§§§§ ShapeShifter Teas,## Great Rewards,‡‡‡‡ Lycopene Harvest,‡‡ Erythritol

Gastrointestinal Support: Bye-Lori Plus, BellEase, Lithium Plus,### Lycopene Harvest‡‡

Hormone Support: DHEA Original***

Immune Function: Self-Defensin,†† V-Shield,** Smart-Zyme,##### Lycopene Harvest,‡‡ Omega-3 Heart & Mind††††

Men’s Health: Lycopene Harvest,‡‡ ProsShield

Mood & Sleep Enhancement: Serene Tranquility 5-HTP Day,§§§§ Serene Tranquility 5-HTP Night, SleepScape, Greater Rewards,‡‡‡‡ Lithium Plus###

Nutritional Foods: Functional Gourmet MCT Oil, High Oleic Sunflower oil

Respiratory Support: Pumping Iron,§§§ V-Shield,** SmartZyme#####

Skin & Hair: New Feeling, Living Skin, Maui SolarMax, Root Food II, Lycopene Harvest,‡‡ Inner Shampoo

Vision & Hearing: i-C-u, Eye D’Clare

Many of these items repeat in two or more categories as indicated by the symbol or strings of symbols. There are a few other items that I take that Life Enhancement does not yet make, but will in the near future, with the same high standards that we always set for ourselves. Of course, everyone’s regimen will be different depending on one’s issues and purse.

And in the end, especially as to dose but also pertaining to biochemical individualities, you must take great care to design your own program, ideally working with a physician or healthcare professional, and in accord with your test results.

Live long and prosper,

Will Block

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