What Makes Life Enhancement Different?

L ife Enhancement is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality nutritional supplements to enable you to maintain and achieve optimal health benefits and advancements. To do this, our formulations are designed in accordance with the principles of state-of-the-art nutritional science.

Figure 1. Metabolic pathways
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For example, in formulating new products, one of the ways that Life Enhancement formulators Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw study the effects of the various supplements is to look at metabolic pathway charts (see Fig. 1). For example, a chain of antioxidants in the body handles free radicals. It’s not just one antioxidant that takes care of the free radicals that abound in the body. Free radicals are always there because you’re producing them naturally through metabolic activity, and your body has got to handle these free radicals.

Figure 2. Vitamin C in the metabolic pathways
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The metabolic pathway shown in Fig. 2 demonstrates that once a free radical scavenger like vitamin C reacts with a free radical, it then becomes a free radical itself. It becomes an ascorbyl radical. That radical then has to be taken care of by another antioxidant. Glutathione usually takes care of the vitamin C radical, and converts vitamin C back to it’s reduced state.

Producing NO from Arginine

Under oxidative stress, the normal metabolic pathway that produces nitric oxide (NO) from arginine can become disrupted so as to lead in a different direction (see Fig 3). This is called uncoupling, and in this case, it leads to the production of superoxide radicals instead of NO. The superoxide radicals can then react rapidly with the remaining NO to form an extremely powerful oxidizer called peroxy­nitrite.

Figure 3. Arginine in the metabolic pathways
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True to Durk & Sandy’s concern for the interior of the human body—its principles and its mechanisms—the driving force behind their GH-releasing formulations has been their goal to control the aging process. How?

By understanding the body’s metabolic pathways, you can find out that the intercession of nutrients can modify growth hormone and NO activities. By understanding the body’s first principles it becomes possible to control life’s outcomes. By understanding the metabolic pathways, it’s possible to alter foods so that they produce healthful results, and give you food you like to eat, without the worries.

Figure 4. NO-cyclic GMP pathway
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For example, cyclic GMP acting as a second messenger actually takes the information that NO release provides and then transfers that to other parts of the metabolic pathways, which continue to pass down the message (see Fig. 4).

The Value of Understanding Drugs

You can study the mechanism of how a drug works and how the drug affects disease by affecting a part of a metabolic pathway. By examining that pathway, you can find out what the target of the drug is. Furthermore, this also tells you if you’re able to target that particular part of the pathway with something else. You may actually be able to treat a disease that way. So then you can look at a large variety of natural products. In fact, there’s a lot of research being done now on the mechanisms of things like flavonoids that you find in fruits and vegetables that are very healthful (see article on page 4).

The great weakness of the traditional medical systems, such as Ayurvedic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, is that the “mechanisms” that they talked about were things like “hot” and “cold.” They’re not really biochemical mechanisms.

Understanding Choline

Figure 5. Choline in the metabolic pathway
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You can increase the amount of choline> turned into acetylcholine with cofactors that are involved in the synthesis. If you look up on the metabolic pathways chart, one of these cofactors is vitamin B5 (calcium pantothenate, aka pantothenic acid). This works through coenzyme A to increase the acetylation of the choline to form acetylcholine. Another thing that you can do is to take betaine, also called trimethylglycine. It’s another methyl donor. A considerable amount of choline gets eaten up, not to make acetylcholine, but to provide methyl groups—because methylation is an important reaction for all sorts of things, including gene control (see Fig. 5).

So if you have a lot of betaine, your choline doesn’t have to be used for the methyl group, and it can be used to make acetylcholine. Of the choline that you take, a lot of it gets oxidized into betaine, and by providing the betaine you can reduce that loss.

Another thing that you can do is to provide other ingredients for neurotransmitters. For example, phenylalanine can be used to make the neuromodulator beta-phenethylamine. You need vitamin B6 and you need copper. Vitamin B6 is necessary to form noradrenaline, dopamine, and beta-phenethylamine. So you can take a formulation containing phenylalanine and vitamin B6, along with a little bit of copper. By the way, much of the population is not getting the RDA of B6 or copper.

We could go on, but you probably get the point. If you didn’t have a roadmap (let alone a GPS!) and there were no clearly marked road signs, it would be extremely difficult to drive from one coast to the other of the U.S. You’d probably eventually make it, if you didn’t get wiped out by your confusion, but it would be far less efficient. And take far longer.

The Difference Usage Maps Make

The only way to design an efficient (and efficacious) nutritional formulation is through detailed knowledge of the intermediary metabolic pathways, by consulting the body’s “usage maps.” This is but one of the important considerations that makes Life Enhancement more advanced than most other companies. Comparatively, Life Enhancement’s formulations represent a world of differences—the kinds that matter.

Vive la différence,

Will Block

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