Innovation Is Our Middle Name

I nnovation is the lifeblood of Life Enhancement Products and this has been substantiated by a forthcoming award recently announced by Emord & Associates. The award is to be given this year to Will Block (that’s me—but really it’s for the company as well, and to all who help make what we do possible).

The Emord & Associates’ 20th Anniversary Celebration Awards Committee has selected the recipient to accept the firm’s “Excellence in Health Product Innovation Award” honoring Life Enhancement’s product formulations that have improved the quality of life and public health. It will be presented in September at the firm’s 20th Anniversary Gala (entitled “Sacred Fire of Liberty”). Digital photos of the awards ceremony will be issued with a press release immediately after the event. Media will also be present. Attendees will include members of Congress; executives in the food, dietary supplement, and over-the-counter drug industries; scientists and integrative medicine practitioners from around the world; prominent D.C. area constitutional and administrative lawyers; public policy leaders from across the nation; and prominent journalists in the health and general media.

Celebrated FDA Lawyer Jonathan Emord, President and Principal of Emord & Associates, has defeated the Food and Drug Administration more times in federal court than any other attorney in American history. His firm represents over 450 different food, dietary supplement, over the counter and compounded drug, medical device, and biologics companies on issues of regulatory compliance, claims and advertising, and agency investigations and enforcement. Including Life Enhancement Products.

Since our beginning, Life Enhancement has adorned our publisher’s page with the following (or a succeeding variant—innovation often comes quickly):

Innovation is our Driving Force

We were the first company to market DHEA, making it commercially available in the summer of 1995. We were also first to market pregnenolone, 5-HTP, vinpocetine, mastic gum, the world's first DNA-support supplement, galantamine, MHCP, osmolytes, hydrogen-production supplementation, nanosphere encapsulation, and much more.

We’ve been out there pushing the envelope and building acceptance for the enhancement of life since 1985, when the concept of life extension supplementation first gelled. Often we hear from doctors saying they really appreciate what we’re doing for this field.

Innovation is first and foremost based on the generation of new ideas and their incorporation into products. These products are new or radically more effective than other products currently available to markets.

The concept of innovation denotes something original and new that breaks through to the market place.

While a novel idea is frequently described as an innovation, it is not. An innovation must be packaged and delivered as a service, a process, or a product or all three that are brought together by various novel ideas in a way that they have an impact on society, through the vehicle of the market.

Invention is the Mother of Innovation

Another important point to make is that innovation is not the same thing as invention. Witness the number of patents issued that, while commemorating new ideas, never manifest as a service, a process, or a product. They never see life in the market place. Invention is the mother of innovation. It is necessary but not sufficient. Thus, innovation refers to the use of a better and, consequently, novel idea or ideas, whereas invention refers to the creation of the idea or ideas but not their implementation.

Moreover, innovation is distinct from improvement because innovation refers to the notion of doing something different rather than doing the same thing better. In other words, innovation is a difference in kind, rather than one of degree.

What Innovation Means to Us and to You

Giving our loved ones, our clients and ourselves ready access to innovative health products is never easy. It requires a lot of thinking, perseverance, and hard work to innovate. So when we succeed in making life healthier, we help populate the world with better humans, who may as well help make the world better.

For health and innovation,

Will Block

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