Celebrate the tomato’s offerings with …
Lycopene: Prof. Coyote’s Gift

by Dr. Joyce Block

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1. The idyllic description of Durk and Sandy’s garden is found in what state? Clue: the “snowy mountain” state
2. Lycopene supplementation decreases gene expression associated with low grade inflammation that occurs in _______. Clue: a condition that’s much more than a cosmetic concern
5. A fairly recent review referenced in the article of the antiproliferative effects of lycopene therapy noted the multiple pathways that lycopene can affect, making it a useful component of a multi-targeted attack on _______. Clue: the big “c”
6. Nature produces a red color in _______ to signal that they are ready to eat. Clue: “You like _______ and I like to-mahtoes … .” Thank you, Gershwins
8. Like us, plants have the mevalonic acid pathway for synthesizing _______ just as we do. Clue: a lipid (fat)
9. The red color of a ripe tomato is largely due to the _______ lycopene. Clue: red, yellow, or orange plant pigment
10. The coyote character’s M.O. (someone’s method of operating) is one of being a scientific sleuth; a brainchild of scientific geniuses who apply science to real people for enhanced, extended, healthy and intelligent life. The coyote’s name might as well be Professor _______. Clue: synonymous with genius
11. Lycopene sensitizes cancer cells to some forms of chemotherapy, making lycopene a good _______ to treatment. Clue: enhancer
12. Since sunlight destroys carotenoids, lycopene can act as a protectant to reduce or prevent _______. Clue: structural and functional deterioration of sun- exposed skin
13. One study reported that administering a large of dose of lycopene to rats was effective at ameliorating erectile _______. Clue: abnormality (a good beginning)


1. In one study, lycopene has been found in cultured rat cortical neurons to protect against the damage of amyloid beta (believed to be causative in Alzheimer’s disease) Clue: a condition or state that damages the nervous system and/or brain, usually by killing neurons
3. Lycopene inhibits HMG-CoA reductase, same enzyme Inhibited by statins, thus, providing cardiovascular _______. Clue: defense
4. Lycopene is a superior _______. Clue: a substance that removes potentially damaging oxidizing agents in a living organism
7. Unlike us, plants don’t accumulate cholesterol but use it to immediately and completely _______ it to other substances that help protect plants against phytopathogens. Clue: change
9. Bioavailability of lycopene from _______ tomato products is higher than from raw. Clue: food prepared with heat (listen up, raw foodies)

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