Galantamine’s Growing Benefits

F or galantamine takers and life extension/enhancement enthusiasts, the lead article in this issue represents a huge unexpected success. If you were happy with the benefits and possibilities of galantamine before, helping to …

• Maintain memory functions
• Boost memory
• Protect brain function
• Combat mental decline
• Improve vascular dementia
• Protect brain cells
• Maintain independence
• Protect neurons and memory following brain injury
• Improve myelin integrity
• Reduce brain inflammation
• Keep neurons alive
• Improve episodic memory
• Enhance cognitive visual skills
• Improve hippocampal cognition
• Improve bipolar disorder memory
• Increase cellular energy output
• Reduce chronic fatigue
• Dismantle brain plaque
• Overcome speechlessness
• Boost neurotransmitter spiral
• Amp mind function
• Prevent smoking resumption
• Enhance language skills

… you’ve got to be elated with what is now being reported:

Galantamine can reduce heart attacks, strokes, and death from all causes.

Talk about a pluripotent powerhouse. Finding new uses for old nutrients—and OTC drugs! See Durk & Sandy’s “Keep a Supply On Hand for …When You Need It But Can’t Get It,” about a new use for dextromethorphan—appears to be a trend in the postgenomic era, a trend that will continue in all likelihood.

So stay tuned in and live long and prosper,

Will Block

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