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Life Enhancement Symposium Triumph

N early 80 Life Enhancement and Life Extension speakers and enthusiasts met in Las Vegas on March 22nd-24th to espouse, promote, and exchange ideas. The leading experts who spoke at this event discussed the latest in health supplements, therapies, and treatments conducive to enhancing and extending life. The Symposium was widely deemed to be extremely successful by speakers and participants.

The conference brought together diverse thought leaders, nutritional experts, and medical professionals for interactive discussions about the options for extending life and life quality over the next several decades on an accelerated plane. The focus of the conference was how any individual can be proactive and take advantage of current strategies and existing nutritional supplements, unknown to but a few, to experience immediate and lasting benefits. Business experts discussed some industry changes and trends in this rapidly evolving field in the U.S. and abroad.

The Symposium was opened on Friday night (March 22nd) by Will Block, CEO of Life Enhancement Products, Inc., who introduced the speakers, while encouraging all attendees to rigorously participate.

Leading off the evening program was Ward Dean, MD, author of Biological Aging Measurements, The Neuroendocrine Theory of Aging, Smart Drugs & Nutrients, among other books. Dr. Dean served on the Board of Directors of the American Aging Association, the founding Board of Directors of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, and was Vice-President of the International College of Advanced Longevity Medicine

In his presentation titled The History of the Modern Life Extension Movement, Dr. Dean told a fascinating story about the roots of what has become the modern Life Extension expedition. In tracing the history of the movement from its scientific and pseudo-scientific beginnings, Dr. Dean described many of the colorful and distinguished personalities involved, elaborating on their contributions. Importantly, he revealed what they got right, and what they got wrong, explaining how we arrived where we are today, and forecasting where we are going.

Following Dr. Dean’s presentation, Will Block developed the thesis of Why You Need an International Health Plan. Central to his exposition was the discouraging—yet factual—disclosure of the many events already in motion that will reduce the quality of healthcare and specifically innovative healthcare here in the U.S. At the same time, Will established the idea that there will be a lot of cutting-edge innovations throughout the world such as stem cell therapies, but that you will need to learn how to obtain them out of the U.S. His presentation was filled with practical recommendations.

Next up on Saturday morning were the legendary Life Extension scientists, Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw,
authors of bestseller in 1982, Life Extension: A Practical Scientific Approach. Their work has dramatically expanded awareness and knowledge of many issues on health and longevity and helped create a new paradigm for science-based nutrition.

In a presentation titled The Exponentially Expanding Map To Longer Life, Durk & Sandy delivered in their inimitable style information about their latest findings and products. Included were exciting discussions about:

  • An amazing new antioxidant: powerful, safe, selective, natural, active everywhere (including your brain and mitochondria), and available now!

  • The signal transduction pathway revolution in biology — the radical transformation from traditional empiricism to 21st century mechanistic engineering. New biotech tools have lead to exquisitely precise methods of treating complex diseases by controlling the pathways that cause them and how multi-pronged attacks may be effective against the most deadly of them. It is a conceptually new way of treating complex age related diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and brain degeneration.

  • The eye-opening discovery that animal cells share many of the same signaling and control pathways with plant cells, and how scores of long known plant ingredients are not mere antioxidants—they are new dietary supplement tools for controlling your cells with unprecedented precision and effectiveness. How the presence of epidermal growth factor receptors in your lawn will change your life.

  • New knowledge of the regulation of your body's on-off switches for genetic expression and epigenetic modification (such as methylation) by natural products determines function and can be used to both prevent and target diseases.

  • A new sleep productivity formulation that amounts to “time in a bottle.”

  • Why the availability of this new knowledge combined with the latest First Amendment victories following Pearson & Shaw versus Shalala promises to free us from the stagnation of government regulated “healthcare”

Following Durk & Sandy was Terry Grossman, MD—co-author of Fantastic Voyage and Transcend, (Nine Steps to Living Well Forever) with Ray Kurzweil. Dr. Grossman’s presentation was about Medical Tourism, and the complete reversal of those coming into the U.S. for medical treatment in the past compared to those now leaving the U.S. for medical treatment elsewhere in the world. The emergence of alternative healthcare outside the U.S., especially in Thailand and India, has reduced price of many elective procedures by as much as 90%, whereas in the U.S. unpaid medical bills are the leading cause of bankruptcy. And things will get worse under Obamacare, with the prospect of no service or limited service based on rationing and “social utility” crowd-outs. The most common reasons for medical tourism are dental care, cosmetic surgery, elective surgery, fertility treatment, and wellness exams. Of importance, healthcare modalities not expected to develop in the U.S., such as stem cell therapies, are ratcheting up at Medical Tourist destinations.

Following Dr. Grossman’s presentation, Durk & Sandy spoke on Beware of Falling Dinosaurs, focusing on some of the systemic dangers of a failing healthcare system, along with other potentially dangerous systems that are likely to be equally capable of significant disruption in the U.S.

The dinner speaker was Bill Andrews, PhD, leader of the team at Geron Corporation to first identify human telomerase, and now head of Sierra Sciences, a company that has screened for natural substances that slows down or stops the telomere-aging clock. Dr. Andrew’s extraordinary refined presentation overwhelmed the room with exciting expectations.

For the final presentation of the day, Richard Kaufman, PhD, author of The Age Reduction System spoke about The Value of Enhanced Delivery Systems for Nutrition, and how developments are rapidly proceeding to make it possible to receive long and even continuous delivery of important nutrients.

On Sunday, two panels convened to talk about what anticipated Life Enhancement and Life Extension innovations are likely to be in our future and how to stay pace with the rapid speed of their evolution. And finally, to close the Symposium, as audience Q&A group discussion with the panelists tied everything together.

All in all, the Symposium covered changes here in the U.S., and around the planet, how medical tourism holds options for optimal health and regenerative medicine, what changes in these areas to expect in the coming months and years, how to use therapies to even generate new tissue and leapfrog yourself into the future, and how to taking advantage of new opportunities for vigorous health.

Once again, the focus of the conference was how any individual can be proactive and take advantage of current strategies and existing nutritional supplements, unknown to but a few, to experience immediate and lasting benefits.

Digital Video Disks of the entire proceedings are expected to available by next month at a reasonable price for those who could not attend, or even for those who did … because the information was so rich, and deserves to be savored and acted on.

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