Life Enhancement Symposium
Las Vegas, March 22-24

I n January, we ran a web survey enlisting Life Enhancement clients. Assuming they were representative of our larger population, what we found was that you would like to know more about …

  • The latest in health supplements
  • Up-to-date knowledge about health and medical research
  • Innovative products related to enhancing life
  • New products and treatments conducive to extending life
  • Innovative lifespan-enhancing developments taking place around the planet
  • How medical tourism holds options for optimal health and regenerative medicine
  • What changes in these areas to expect in the coming months and years
  • How to position yourself to take advantage of new opportunities for vigorous health

Furthermore, up to 71% (yes and maybe) of the survey takers were interested in attending a one or two day symposium on life enhancement and life extension.

So as a result, we are offering such an event, a way to take your life enhancement strategies to a new level for a healthier future. Please come and join us.

Join us for a Life Enhancement Symposium featuring Life Extension Scientists Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw® on March 22nd-24th in Las Vegas at the Platinum Hotel. This exciting Life Enhancement Symposium offers brilliant presentations by:

  • Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw, authors of Life Extension, a Practical Scientific Approach and the Life Extension Newsletter
  • Ward Dean, MD, author of Biological Aging Measurements and Smart Drug & Nutrients
  • Terry Grossman, MD, co-author of Fantastic Voyage (Live Long Enough to Live Forever) and Transcend, with Ray Kurzweil
  • Richard Kaufman, PhD, author of The Age Reduction System
  • Will Block, publisher of Life Enhancement magazine, and author of The 5-HTP Archives
  • and others (to be announced)

Now’s your chance to advance your personalized Life Enhancement and Life Extension program by hearing directly from—and speaking to—some of the greatest experts in the field. Find out how to add years to your life and life to your years.

Enjoy two nights and three days in glamorous Las Vegas at the Platinum Hotel and meet new friends. The entire program is only $299, and includes all presentations and meals (except alcoholic beverages). The special room rate is just $149/night. Mention you’re with the Life Enhancement Symposium (call 1-877-211-9211 for reservations). Free internet in the guest rooms. Early-bird special: register before February 28th and receive an added 10% off, just $269.

Other stimulating topics include . . .

  • The history of life extension, including earlier attempts to prolong the lifespan of world leaders such as a President of the US and a Pope, and the benchmarks of its successes
  • What you can now do to add additional hours of life to each day
  • Why currently available delivery systems may help you to survive medical emergencies
  • How to use therapies to regenerate new tissue and leapfrog yourself into the future

Don’t miss this extraordinary event. Your life may depend on what you learn.

There is limited space, so for more information or to sign up today, call toll-free 1-800-543-3873 or go to: www.life-enhancement.com/conference-signup

Remember to sign-up before February 28th for our Early-Bird Savings and take an additional 10% off of the $299 admission price!

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