The Tsunami of Regulations

A ccording to recently released figures, contrary to administration denials, a wave of new business regulations is reaching our shores, with expected damages similar to those of a tsunami. As of today (December 27, 2012), at website www.regulations.gov, we have these postings:

Regulations with Comments Due Soon … Today (45), Next 3 Days (99), Next 7 Days (181), Next 15 Days (383), Next 30 Days (674), Next 90 Days (1,058)

Newly Posted Regulations … Today (43), Last 3 Days (227), Last 7 Days (330), Last 15 Days (930), Last 30 Days (1,986), Last 90 Days (5,688)

This, I would submit, is not good for small businesses, of which the nutritional supplement industry is comprised. Assuredly, many of these small businesses will be pushed to the edge of their existence because of the high costs of compliance. Given that many of these regulations, if not most, run to 200 pages or more, few individuals will read them, let alone become familiar with the more than one million pages of new regulations published in just the last three months. If the average book runs 250 pages, that’s about 5,000 books, more than a lifetime of reading for all but a few.

And by the way, these regulations—created by the Executive Branch of the Federal government—operate with the full force of law. This is in violation of the Constitution, which states that all laws shall be made by Congress (Section 8, Clause 18). Once created these anonymous laws can seize capital and productivity as effectively as outright taxes, but with little to no public visibility. How often are regulations rescinded? As they keep piling up, there is no Constitutional provision for changing or repealing them. Alas!

Will Block

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