What the Past Tells Us About the Future

I t occurred to us that a review of all the editorials published in Life Enhancement over the last 16 years would be revealing. That would be a way to measure what our active concerns have been, how they have changed, and, perhaps, to what degree taking so many supplements might have altered our perception of the world. While this analysis is not scientific per se, neither are the editorials. They tend to be more philosophical, psychological, and political. Furthermore, many are concerned about the future and how it will turn out. Futurism is increasingly of more concern because, as things speed up during the Age of Accelerating Returns, knowing where we’ve been can help us to know where we’re heading. Only then can we better understand what can be done, and indeed what should be done to pave the future with the realization of our fondest hopes.

Back in early 1999, we celebrated a momentous First Amendment victory against the FDA’s stranglehold on the expression of Constitutionally-protected free speech. The U.S. Court of Appeals had decided against the FDA on all issues raised by Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw in a lawsuit that challenged the FDA’s health claim approval process which was then declared unconstitutional. The FDA’s attempts to severely regulate truthful speech was ruled unconstitutional!

Later that same year, we worried about Y2K, the belief that a near-universal program-dating glitch could do great financial harm to the world. Yet we also thought that those who help themselves to extra portions of life—or want to—will find the future inviting. We also expressed our confidence that, in retrospect from the distant future, our era will be known as the Century of Fulfilled Expectations.

We began the new millennium by projecting the life extension successes of the past decade, and we celebrated the future and its progeny for the achievements and cornucopia of health-fulfilling products that we knew were coming. An interesting note was that we specifically heralded the idea that women over the age of 30 would be the beneficiaries of breakthrough prosexual products (see “What Does Woman Want?” on page 20 in this issue). In another wave of optimism, in the category of “We knew it all along,” we congratulated the authors of a study showing that arousal influences memory—believing that this was another example of a self-propelling mechanism.

Then (and here’s where we string the titles together) we had a “Double Fantasy” of “Drugless Children”, and an epiphany about “Triumph of Science Over FDA Politics.” This was followed by the admonishment that we could easily “Live to Be 100 Years” for a variety of reasons such as “FDA Finally Allows Qualified Omega-3 Health Claim.” It was now appearing that “Breaking Through the Life Barrier” was in part fomented by a “Memory Industry Expansion.” So much for “CGMP Makes War on Nutritional Supplements,” “Spare Us Another Pyramid,” and “The War Against Supplements.”

“Academic Doping” was a positive sign of the desire for self-improvement and along with “Mortality May Be Highly Plastic” and “Death May Have Parted,” indicates that a “Braincare Paradigm Shift” may be in process. Of course, “yes” is the answer to “Will Neurocognitive Enhancement Survive?” because we will be “Saving Our Teachers’ Minds” judging from “The Reliability of Life Extension.”

Despite a “Reversal of Justice,” we are still “Free to Choose” what we make of our lives, while we are confident that there will be “No Compromise on Principles” and thankful that “The Methuselah Mouse Prize” will be awarded. If there is “The Road to the Concentration Camp” created “While America Sleeps,” the “Coming Light Ages” can revivify “The Sanctity of Free Speech,” “The Dream of Longevity,” and open the “Windows of Opportunity.” There will be no need for “The Second Time Around.” As we believe, “Medicine Will Die—Long Live Medicine,” and “The Food Dictators” will fail, because “The Gift of Health” will bring us “The Exercise Pill,” “Barley for Peace,” and “The Genius of Being Right.”

To the proposition “CGMP Will Rule Us … Find Us … and in the Darkness, Bind Us,” we say, “that will never happen,” because “Maximum Human Lifespan May Be Increasing” as witnessed by “Father Time and Mother Nature.”

Don’t forget “The Birth of Mind Galaxies,” “Financial Storm Supplements,” “Actuarial Escape Velocity,” and that you can “Recession-Proof Yourself with Nutritional Supplements.” “Sleepers, Awake!” are the ones . . . “Who Welcomes the Future?” And although “The Decline is Always Slow Until the Rapid Collapse at the End,” this is a good outcome if it is a bureaucratic crumpling. Don’t forget “The Biggest Bang for the Buck,” so that you can reach further while “Minimizing Risk from the Swine Flu Pandemic.” You realize of course that “The Government Won’t Save You,” and because of “The Truth about Healthcare Reform,” “We Won't Get Fooled Again!”

Building the road of great expectations are “Innovation and Freedom,” not necessarily in that order, and “The Moral Struggle For Free Enterprise.” Above all, we have “Hope and Cheer for the Future,” because “The Ides of March Herald the Spring” has enabled us to “Stop the Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010,” a clear victory. Finally, “Attn: Prophets, Nomads, and Artists/How Can We Help the Heroes?” We can do this by playing our prophetic role to the best of our ability … by being all that we can be.

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