The Ides of March Herald the Spring

I n the Roman calendar, the Ides of March (Idus Martias) is the name for March 15th, because in Latin ides means “to divide”, which is what the date does with the month. Contrary to the remorse associated with that date in modern times—Julius Caesar was assassinated on March 15th in 44 BC—the Ides of March was a festival day dedicated to Mars, the god of war, on whose day a military parade was appropriately held.

Shakespeare, in his play about the late emperor, had a soothsayer warn the militarist to “beware the Ides of March,” which in a sense—given the growing power of the first Czar (a term derived from Caesar)—prefaced what must be considered his just deserts. So instead of fearing the Ides, we should celebrate the day for the triumph over tyrants when they lose moral legitimacy and the consent of the governed. What is more, the Ides of March is the gateway to spring, the season of rebirth and renewal.

Fulfillment, Progress, Productivity, And Pleasure

Which brings us to our current issue of Life Enhancement, where we continue on track with the creation of products that proffer significant benefits … helping to make life more rewarding … decreasing bad moods and increasing good ones … reducing torment … and adding to the simple but essential pleasures of life. Read this issue carefully, and embrace the ideas that meet your needs.

We like to think—in our pursuit of health knowledge and advancement—that our mission to combat what impedes fulfillment, retards progress, limits productivity, and dampens pleasure is dignified. And your response to it all reflects on the value that you place on yourself. As Nietszche writes in Beyond Good and Evil, “The noble soul has reverence for itself.”

Laying Claim to the Future

Given the dire state of the economy, with soaring unemployment, increasing bankruptcies, and mortgage defaults still searching for a bottom in housing, 2009 was a particularly tough year, and 2010 doesn’t appear to look much better at this time. In this season of renewal, you owe it to yourself to rise above the malaise of the recession. Need I remind you that supplements are your allies, fortifying you to remain in good health, and nurturing you when you’re down with a cold, or the flu, or something worse. And as we remind you from time to time, we sell a type of freedom, freedom from bad health and dismal spirits. It has been said that misery loves company. So what! You don’t have to go there, nor is there any reason to. Instead, you can ascend above what you can’t control by choosing wisely. After all, whose life is it anyway?

Live long and prosper,

Will Block

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