Swine Virus Update: One Million and Counting . . .

The Government Won’t Save You

“I’m from the federal government and I’m here to help.” With the drumbeat of universal health becoming louder and louder with each passing day, we will soon find out the meaning of those ten words. Especially when it comes to emergencies … like Katrina, or if the forthcoming H1N1 swine flu pandemic turns deadly.

Forthcoming? It’s here already! According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as of June 25, 2009, at least 1 million Americans have now contracted the H1N1 influenza, at the same time that the virus is spreading even though the normal flu season is over. And the proportion of victims hospitalized is growing. What will happen next fall is anyone’s guess, but there is a lot of reason to be concerned because the first law of a virus is “To Mutate.” This it must do, in order to survive.

As the virus works its way through the Southern Hemisphere (where the normal flu season is picking up steam), epidemiologists fear that the swine flu may exchange genetic information with other viruses thereby developing a greater and deadlier disease-producing capacity when it returns to the north this fall. Echoing the first law, WHO Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan recently said, “the virus is still very stable. … But we all know the influenza virus is highly unpredictable and has great potential for mutation.”

What About Conventional Medicine?

In the winter of 2004, the U.S. vaccine infrastructure suffered a complete breakdown and a severe shortage because the vaccine manufacturer Chiron was found to be producing contaminated product. Has the vaccine industry become any better? That’s unlikely, given the current business climate, with the powers that be whipping one industry after another into submission. As things are likely to turn out, some vaccine will be produced but its likely to be too little, too late, and distribution will be uneven, to say the least. If the virus turns deadly, and you get it, use the vaccine.

Be Prepared

Unlike the pharmaceutical industry, we are primarily exponents of prevention and self-defense when if comes to your health. Start getting healthy (or healthier) right now by becoming proactive. Bolstering your immune system is a must. By all means, read (or re-read) Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw’s article “Defending Yourself Against Virus Infections” in the July issue of this publication, and take action. Don’t wait until the pandemic turns deadly to prepare yourself. Most people will wait until it’s too late. Don’t be one of them. And finally, learn to read between the lines. The FDA is threatening to close down nutritional companies that use the words “swine flu” or “H1N1” in connection with a product, and furthermore, “Firms that fail to take correction action,” the FDA warns, “may also be referred to the FDA’s Office of Criminal Investigations for possible criminal prosecution for violations of the FFDC Act and other federal laws.” Don’t be a victim of bureaucrats who claim to have a monopoly on truth.

Live long and prosper,

Will Block

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