In bad economic times, it is best to consider supplements that offer . . .

The Biggest Bang for the Buck

or a great many of the boomer generation, what would normally be the time for retirement is unlikely to be the right time. This is because the economic debacle has created serious contractions in the value of investment portfolios and retirement funds, resulting superficially from the real estate/stock market collapse, and in actuality from the actions of government. And there’s more bad news ahead, with the current administration priming the pump of the Federal Reserve to create trillions of dollars of new money (recently adding $2.7 trillion), thereby more than quadrupling the monetary base in a very short period of time—to finance its bailouts, stimulus programs, and transfer schemes, among other expenditures. When all that is coupled to the enormity of the unfunded entitlement programs, such as Social Security and Medicare, plus taxes that punish energy use (cap-and-trade) and much more, the U.S. and the World are waddling blindly into what appears to be an exitless quagmire. This catastrophe will culminate in an inflation (with prices increasing dramatically) likely to make the Carter years look like a summer picnic.

Your Inflation Survival Health Program

For these reasons, you need to prepare an inflation-survival health program. It would be an entirely different story if your expendable income and the strength of your assets were on an equal footing with what they had been even just last year. Whether that is true or not, you are still in peril. So now is the time to ask some fundamental questions about your health goals and what this means for maintaining and enhancing your health with nutritional supplements, as befits the crisis. You are not alone, but real comfort comes from action and not commiseration.

Your health goals ought to be tempered by how you expect to fare (from your best case down to your worst case scenarios) economically. If you anticipate that you may not be able to retire on time (or don’t want to), chief among your goals should be to maintain your physical and mental health, including a high state of memory and cognitive functions. That is because these are critical in determining your earning ability in a world of joblessness, foreclosures, and bankruptcies.

Here are some of the products that might help fill your requirements, listed roughly in order of their value/price ratios. Bear in mind that we are all biologically individual and that we all have different advantages and needs.

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Of course, there are volume purchase discounts, better pricing on the Web, and sales from time to time. Please be aware that the above listings are not intended to be all inclusive, or to mean that budgets can not be mixed, but of course you understand that. Feel free to speak to our knowledgeable staff. Good luck and please stock up.

Live long and prosper,

Will Block

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