Financial Storm Supplements

udging from the current dreadful financial news—which includes the subprime mortgage debacle, the rising consumer price index, unpredictable exchange-rate fluctuations, exploding commodity prices, inflation, growing unemployment, and outrageous gasoline prices—we are in for a financial storm. Will it be a small storm or a big one? Or even, perhaps, a “perfect” storm?

How Bad Will the Storm Be?

At the front of this storm are three economic forces:

  • A growing mountain of consumer and corporate debt

  • A turbulent stock market in danger of collapsing

  • A downturn in the economic cycle

While each force is inherently destructive by itself, were they to run headlong into one another and unite, a “perfect” financial storm could result. Whatever the case, one thing is sure: as demonstrated by economic polls that show the public’s reluctance to spend, there are tough financial decisions ahead. How will you weather the storm and make the most of your hard-earned money?

Life Enhancement’s Storm

Over the past year at Life Enhancement Products, there have been significant price increases in many of the raw materials we use, plus increases in energy costs, shipping costs, and just about everything else. But, as big a problem as that is, the real challenge we face is the unpredictability of cost increases and how to calculate the prices we must charge. So we are battening down our hatches.

Our Vision of Health

When we first started our trek in the early 1970s into what was then the wilderness of life extension, we had a bright vision of a robustly healthy future. We knew that without substantial health breakthroughs, the future would be no different than the past. There, tragically, by the time you accumulated enough knowledge and wisdom to start really enjoying life, the slings and arrows of age-related degeneration caught up with you and drastically undermined life’s benefits.

So at first we set out to slow aging. Building upon the satisfaction of knowing that squaring the aging curve was a realizable goal, we then proceeded to target others: halting the aging process and even reversing it, when possible. While it became clear that no magic bullet would arise with which to solve all the problems of aging, we reasoned that if we could prolong life by avoiding serious degeneration and disease, we could hang around long enough to avail ourselves of the technological breakthroughs that would surely come: gene therapy, stem cell therapy, robotics, and nanotechnology.

These technologies are here now, but, as psychologist Abraham Maslow (the great proponent of self-actualization) has written, we cannot go on to higher levels of conscious activity until we secure the lower ones. In the context of our current financial concerns, that means assuring our personal health survival as individuals, by using our discretionary funds wisely and getting the biggest bang for the buck from what we do spend on supplements.

Tossing You a Lifesaver

Life Enhancement makes some of the finest supplements available anywhere. Many of our items are unequaled in concept, design, effectiveness, and quality. And some of them are high in price, but not costly—compare the less effective formulations that you can buy elsewhere. As we’re sure you know and agree, true value lies in what a formulation can do for you.

Speaking of which, we are introducing a new Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw formulation in this issue: Self-Defensin™. It is an extraordinary product intended to help you during times of stress, whether caused by internal forces or external ones, or exacerbated by the maelstrom of events that we find ourselves caught up in. It can be a lifesaver, enabling you to avoid having to fend for yourself alone on the high seas.

Storm-Alliance Strategy

We are offering this product at the introductory price of just $12.97 per bottle, which should last 1–2 months. This represents a gigantic bargain, and it’s our gift to you as part of our storm-alliance strategy. Another product you might want to try—a product that can induce an incredible degree of calmness and serenity—is Serene Tranquility™ Day (or Night) with either Tryptophan or 5-HTP. When the stress of the economy has got you down, Serene Tranquility can make all the difference.

Our Promise to You

There will be no price increases without advance warning, when we will give you a chance to stock up at the old pricing for at least a month. Furthermore, we will do everything to keep our prices down without compromising quality, while making other loss leaders available to you. We truly value your patronage.

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