More Food Information!

n the “Nutrition Facts” box on our Serene Systems™ food products, you can find all the information that the FDA considers important about the food components found in these products. A great deal of important information is missing, such as the amount of the essential nutrient amino acid tryptophan. In the FDA’s box, all that is not required is forbidden.

The Durk & Sandy “Food Information” box contains useful food-ingredient content information that would actually be illegal to include in the FDA’s box. Read both, and decide for yourself whose box is more informative and useful. (And remember, we don’t tax you—through your income taxes—to enforce the communication of our information box, as the FDA does.)

We think of our label as part free and part slave. The slave part has been taken over by the FDA and contains exactly what the FDA tells us to say (or else!). It is on our label, and we have to say it, but it is not our choice. The free part contains information we choose to communicate, using our First Amendment free speech rights. For your convenience, the information in our box is alphabetized by ingredient. If we did that with the FDA’s box, we would be criminals!

Live long and prosper,
Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw

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