Why 2K or Not 2K?
Be Prepared with Extra Supplements

y now, of course, you know all about the Y2K bug and, if you're like everyone else, you find yourself wondering: Will it be a flea "byte," or a malarial-mosquito parasite-delivery system to bring down (as was presumably the case with Alexander the Great) the entire kingdom? We tend to be hopeful that civilization will survive, with all that it has going for it, including especially the technology for radically improved health and longevity. But we must be careful not to assume, because of our wishful thinking, that things will be just peachy.

Here in the United States, a great deal of money, time, and thought has been brought to bear on the issue. Although there may be some problems, most will probably not be so severe that they won't blow over in a few days or a few weeks. There may be a few problems that persist, most having to do with so-called government services, which are very inefficient to start with and are not responsive to market forces. In the market economy, people are well rewarded for solving problems. In government, it seems, they are rewarded for perpetually creating more.

The rest of the world, beyond our shores, is another story. While our government has told us, for example, that traveling outside the United States during the year 2000 changeover will be risky, they haven't been very candid. The bald truth is that many other countries are poorly prepared at best. Compared with the American banking system and corporate America, even the technologically sophisticated Pacific Rim countries such as Japan, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, etc. have made only token investments to debug their date-corrupted systems.

Life Enhancement, however, is Y2K-compliant in all regards and is prepared (as well as anyone can be) for possible disruption of supply lines from overseas. We have purchased additional inventory to tide us over for an extended period.

As for you, our devoted customers, we at Life Enhancement want to provide the opportunity for you to be prepared too, by stocking up on a few extra bottles of the products that are the most important to you, while supplies are ample and distribution channels are open.

We are skeptical that Y2K will be all that serious, but it is conceivable that temporary disruptions will occur. It seems prudent, if your supplements are important to you, to be ready for anything.

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