Jonathan V. Wright, MD


Jonathan V. Wright, MD
Dr. Jonathan V. Wright, M.D.'s professional accomplishments include 25 years of dedicated research and practice in the nutrition and preventive medicine. Dr. Wright is widely acclaimed as one of the leading alternative and life extension physicians practicing in the United States today. In his role as medical director of the Tahoma Clinic in Kent, Washington, he has treated thousands of patients using innovative, natural therapies, including nutrient supplements, botanicals, natural hormones, and glandular extracts. He has published extensively, co-authoring Natural Hormone Replacement for Women Over 45 and the best-selling Dr. Wright's Guide to Healing With Nutrition. For two decades, his monthly medical columns appeared in Prevention (1976-1986) and Let's Live (1986-1996) magazines.

Along with his colleague Dr. Gaby, Dr. Wright has conducted a seminar, "Nutritional Therapy in Medical Practice", for health care practitioners annually for the past two decades. He is also the editor of a monthly newsletter, Nutrition & Healing.

Dr. Wright's Formulations utilize ingredients that are ahead of their time. Designed exclusively for Life Enhancement, they are among the most unique dietary supplements available anywhere.
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